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15 ounce fuel coupe at NHRA Heritage series
15oz Coupe

delivering on that promiseLes Hawkins Construction has become a recognized industry leader in providing residential and construction services by delivering on that promise. We are most proud of the fact that nearly 80 percent of our new customers are referred to us by existing customers who were satisfied.

Our commitment to hire and train only the most highly qualified and safety conscious workers, our vast experience, and our technical knowledge assure our customers that their projects will be performed skillfully, carefully, safely and efficiently.

We are confident that when you judge our track record of constructing high quality buildings, you will agree that we finish in first place in the construction field.

At Les Hawkins Construction, we believe our customers are our most valuable asset. We are a leader in the construction industry because of its outstanding workmanship and customer service.

Whether it is a repair service, remodel or new construction, Les Hawkins Construction is equipped to meet all your construction needs!

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